“My family had the great pleasure of being one of Dave’s CSA customer’s this season 2017 in his first year at Riverside South. Having been a CSA customer since 2009 and having frequented local farmer’s markets for the past few years, I already had an idea of what to expect. However, I must say that Dave exceeded my expectations! Why?

  • The price for fresh, organic produce delivered once a week to my neighbourhood could not be beaten!
  • The variety of produce was excellent. There was never an abundance of one item, which I appreciated.
  • The freshness of the produce was a testament to the great work that Dave does on his farm. All of the vegetables were delicious.
  • I personally appreciated the cleanliness of the produce because I didn’t have a lot of cleaning to do when I was ready to use the vegetables for meal preparation.
  • The size of the portions was perfect for my family. We never had any waste!
  • Dave’s packaging made it easy to put the vegetables away when I got home.

Over the weeks, I took photos of my weekly CSAs to display the beautiful colours of the awesome variety of produce that he provided to his customers. In having been part of Dave’s CSA, I was able to provide my family with a high quality of variety of produce, rich in nutrients, and fabulous in taste for a very reasonable price. I am thrilled that I was able to support a local farmer who works hard, respects the environment, is willing to share recipes and tricks of the trade, is always looking to improve his farming methods and loves what he is doing! I can’t wait for next season already! Thank you so much to Dave for his hard work. ” ~ Sangita Kamblé, Riverside South



“Amazing organic vegetables delivered to a location for easy pick ups. Couldn’t have asked for better produce and service throughout the summer and harvest months! Bower farm was always helpful with tips on how to cook some vegetables and were always easy to contact if we needed something extra. If you don’t get their veggie boxes make sure you check out their stands at the local markets, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to next years veggie boxes and to seeing what the new greenhouse brings us. Thank you Bower farm for keeping my family healthy and full!” ~ Peter & Georgia Gauthier



“LOVED having fresh, organic vegetables delivered once a week. So affordable and it took a lot of pressure out of preparing meal plans, deciding what to buy, and coming up with recipes – what we got is what we cooked/planned/and found recipes for. Grocery trips became very quick and easy afterwards. Cannot wait for the season to pick up again!” ~ Nicolina



“This was my first year as a customer with Bower Farms and I feel like the whole experience has been more than just a client/customer relationship for several reasons. First, the Farm is a family affair and because of that, I feel like this family welcomes you a part of theirs. As I follow Bower Farm on Instagram, I can see, in real time, how my food is grown, picked and packaged, sometimes by the little hands of the next generation. Second, I was able to pick up my packages whenever I could and if something came up, I could email or message Dave and make arrangements. Finally, only family would serve you the best and that’s what my family and I got from Bower Farm. Their produce was, flavourful, colourful and full of variety! Not only did we eat so well over the summer/fall but I learned how to cook new things and make new meals that my kids loved. So thanks Dave and Amanda and the 3 mini Bowers, spring can’t come soon enough” ~Jen, Kirk, Brooklyn and Jacksen Creighton



“Being a first time mom, I take a great deal of comfort knowing that farmer Dave also feeds his kids using his homegrown produce. Bower farm is really in touch with their customers and makes every effort to ensure the veggies are exceptionally clean, and shares regular updates about the farm. I have never eaten so many vegetables in my life as I have since enrolling in the CSA basket program! Every week my husband and I make it our mission to eat all the vegetables, and create new and exciting recipes” ~ Bryn MacDonald