Q) How many people does a weekly package feed?

A) This is a difficult question to answer as it depends entirely on how many veggies you eat. Some couples are able to go through a box no problem in a week, where some larger family’s have chosen to go biweekly as they feel they can’t get through the veggies fast enough. Some pictures of typical CSA shares are available on our CSA  page.


Q) Are the packages the same size/ dollar value every week?

A) No. Packages are generally smaller/ lower dollar value early in the season, as more and more veggies come into season, packages get larger and increase in dollar value.


Q) Will I still have to buy veggies outside of what I receive in my CSA share?

A) CSA shares are seasonal, and based on the time of year, you may need to supplement your veggie boxes with specific items. For example, longer season vegetables like peppers or tomatoes don’t come into season until late June, early July typically. So early in the season,  you may need to still purchase items that are not yet in season.


Q) Why are CSA shares paid in advance?

A) Farmers have huge upfront costs at the beginning of the season, for seeds, soil amendments, tools and equipment, maintenance costs, etc. A CSA program assists the farmer in paying off these expenses.


Q) Is everyone’s package the same?

A) Yes, typically. At times some items will be slightly different, for example if broccoli and cauliflower are just coming into season at the same time, half the shares may get a head of broccoli and the other half cauliflower ,if sufficient amounts of both of the items are not ready for harvest. All packages are of the same dollar value.


Q) Can I customize my package?

A) Unfortunately at this point, no. We offer a large variety and most packages contain at least 8 separate items.


Q) I hate kale, can I not have kale in my package?

A) If you really can’t learn to love a specific item (all veggies rock!) and it will go to waste you can certainly let me know not to include it. However, most often I cannot replace it with another item.


If you have a question that has not been addressed above, please contact us.